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Your child's development

We carry out observations of all the children, which are linked individually to their profile folders. This is then used to develop planning and to help ensure we are applying all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. The profile folder & scrapbook will be used to help chart the progress and development of your child. The scrapbook contains photos and key pieces of work as evidence and is also a keepsake for parents when they move on from Little People Nursery.

Parents/carers are asked to fill in our 'All About Me' form regarding the child's likes and dislikes and also a bit about their current stages of development and a baseline assessment. This gives us an indication of their progress at home, i.e. cruising with furniture, pedalling a tricycle, using a paintbrush etc.

Little People Nursery works alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, which envelops several ideas that play is key. Children are competent learners from birth and relationships with caring adults play an important role in their development. We at Little People Nursery strive to ensure we have a diverse and stimulating environment to promote all areas of development. We have both child-led and adult-led activities to ensure all areas of development and all requirements of the EYFS are being met.

We have free-flow play to ensure children can access all areas of provision including indoors and outdoors and can also access resources themselves. This promotes independent thinking and also models good self-help skills and thinking skills. We are at the forefront of new ideas and initiatives and see each child as an individual on their own learning journey. Our effective assessments and planning cycle ensure all children's needs are taken in to account and that they reach their full potential. When this is achieved, the child is school-ready and able to make an effective and smooth transition to the next stage of their learning journey.

Little People Nursery Photo

Little People Nursery Photo