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Baby Suite

In the baby suites we are registered for eighteen babies made up of two baby suites. Staff ratio is 1:3. Children in both rooms are actively encouraged to participate in activities within their environment and the staff will create a caring, safe environment for them to explore their surroundings and have fun.

Each child is guided by their own individual routine, This will include sleep patterns, feeding routine, allergies etc. At the end of each day all parents of children up to 2 years of age will take home a 'Daily record sheet'. This informs parents of what their child has done throughout the day, such as sleep, nappy changes, food eaten, and activities taken part in.

Any additional comments can be displayed on these as well such as, needing more nappies/wipes or maybe noticing that your child has a rash or has had a temperature etc. All these comments would be discussed with parents upon collection of their child. All staff having contact with your child each day will be recorded on the record sheet.

Main Nursery

The main nursery rooms are for children aged between 2yrs and 5yrs of age. We are registered for twenty-two children. Staff ratio is 2-3yrs olds; 1:4 and 3-5yr olds; 1:8. All rooms include a rich variety of child & adult led activities and provision areas to cover all areas of the EYFS. There are also dedicated areas to sleep and quiet areas for your child to rest.

Children are encouraged to explore their environment using their problem-solving skills, imagination and their need to learn whilst still taking part in fun and engaging activities. Children are actively encouraged to ask lots of questions and use trial and error to overcome obstacles, however we are always on hand to support when needed. Children learn far more from active learning and watching and copying role-models whether that be parents, staff or their friends in nursery. We also encourage peer support where a friend may be asked to show another child how to do/work something out. Teamwork should always be encouraged to develop supportive empathy skills as well as turn-taking.


Within the Baby Suites and Main Nursery all children have a "Profile Folder." This is where all the you're your child does will be kept and used for assessment of learning. They are updated regularly by their keyperson and can be viewed by parents at any time, (although cannot be taken off site due to OFSTED guidelines on tracking development and continuity). These hold vital "milestones" that your children do such as; crawling, first steps, using a spoon, drawing with a pencil etc. This means both staff and parents can watch the child's development and ensure any developmental concerns are noticed and dealt with straight away. Any concerns we may have would be discussed between the SENCO and the child's keyperson and then a meeting will be arranged with parents and the keyperson/SENCO at the earliest convenience.

Outside play area

The outside area is enclosed and is totally covered in soft play surface to minimise accidents. Outside play takes place during both morning and afternoon sessions (unless it is unsafe to do so due to heavy ice). We also play out on the large forecourt with the wheeled toys and other resources such as the parachute, sand, water etc. The children are actively encouraged to bring indoor resources outside to help with all areas of development. Again, all age groups are encouraged to go outside.

Lots of outdoor equipment is available which allows your little one to take part in physical play and outdoor games, all very exciting and challenging for children. We ask all parents to provide sun hats and sun cream in the warm weather. Health and Safety regulations state that if your little one doesn't have sun cream available then he/she will not be allowed to have contact with the sun without protection. Therefore, we will arrange an indoor activity for your child to enjoy. In the cold weather we also ask parents to provide a warm coat, hat, scarf, gloves and boots/wellies. (These items are not seasonal, and parents should be aware of the change in weather to allow for different types of outdoor clothing.) This is to ensure that unless the weather is really severe all children get the opportunity to play outside. We also use the walkodile for walks in the community as well as pushchairs for under 3's.


When your child reaches the age of three, he/she will, with parental consent go on walks into the community with the aid of the Walkodile. (Please see the staff for further details of the Walkodile.) This keeps the risk of road safety to a minimum and therefore ensures going out is a pleasurable experience for children and staff. We also have pushchairs for children under 3yrs old.

The Walkodile allows walks with young children to be managed more effectively by early years staff. It also creates better learning opportunities for children and peace of mind for adults. You can read more about the Walkodile system by visiting the official website.

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